What's In Your Water and Where Does It Come From?


Sustainably Sourced


Happy Water is sourced from a natural, self-replenishing mountain spring located on Mount Woodside in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Many water brands are harvested from foreign artesian wells or chemically treated tap water - even though the names they offer and the stories they tell may suggest otherwise. The naturally-occurring minerals and electrolytes in Happy Water give it the clean, soft taste that consumers everywhere are looking for.

These properties also result in optimum hydration, making Happy Water the perfect natural choice for athletes and active lifestyles everywhere.


Sustainably Packaged

Happy Water's patented and revolutionary eco package - the WaterBox - allows premium, natural mountain spring water to go everywhere you go. The easy-to-pack-and-stack cube made from a 100% recyclable card-board shell and BPA-free liner, reduces packaging by over 85%. The easy-to-use spout allows you to pour a little or a lot and to conveniently make better tasting coffee and tea due to Happy Water's natural pH and naturally occurring minerals and soft properties. 

Our 500ml and 1L bottles are made with BPA free, 100% recyclable and biodegradable PET - the highest quality bottles available.



Doctors agree that staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to promote health and well-being. Happy Water is so much more than optimum hydration: it's natural, sustainably sourced, sustainably packaged mountain spring water from one of the most pristine places on Earth: Canada.

Your body is over 60% water. Why not make it Happy Water?